The 48th annual Congress of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies,

5 Septembrie 2018

The 48th annual Congress of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies, is an exciting four-day long congress that brings not only the European but the international community of cognitive and behavioural therapy professionals t

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Lecture done by Dr. Shinji Naruo

Dr. Shinji Naruo is Business and Management Expert, International Advisor at Overseas Vocational Training Association,and Visiting Professor at Bucharest University. He is member of the International Low Institute Japan, member of Environmental Law and Policy Institute Japan, Member of Japan Macro-engineering Society. Dr. Shinji Naruo has received his doctoral degree in International relation, from the University of Kyoto in Japan. Between his fields of expertise are Transportation economy (Industry analysis and business model design) and Corporate management (Finance, Business model and strategy). He has given over the years numerous lectures as guest speaker on “Management responsibility for the corporate productivity" (International conference held by ministry of economics and commerce, "Productivity and Competitivity”), “Taiwan business environment” (Overseas Vocational training Association), “Challenge for the market economy in Eastern Europe-Romania” (Research report at Overseas Vocational training Association). 

The lecture will present key features of individual management and change based on Japanese principles (KAIZEN). Also will provide simple yet very efficient tools and methods which can be applied in improving one’s own life and activity as well as others, by adding more value and control towards a more organized life. Japanese techniques will be presented for self-organization in terms of managing tasks, time, information, and money (KAKEIBO). The topics are of interest for anyone committed towards improving their self-organization and effectiveness at work, and especially useful for managers, human resources specialists, psychology professionals (clinical psychologists, industrial/organizational psychologists, counseling psychologists, and psychotherapists) who can use the provided tools and methods in their practice.

The lecture is organized by the International Coaching Institute (, Babes-Bolyai University, in collaboration with the Romanian Association for Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapies (APCCR;

The lecture will be presented in English.

Course schedule: 9-13

Place: Amf. Zorgo, Sindicatelor 7, Cluj-Napoca

The participating fee for professionals is 200 RON and can be paid in the account of APCCR until the 17th of May. The proof of payment will be sent to the address (scanned) or by fax at 0264 – 434141, until the 17th of May. Together with the proof of payment, the registering form needs to be sent at the same address.

The lecture is free for the students of the Master programs of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at Babes-Bolyai University ( Students will send only the registration form in order to participate.

All participants will complete registration form. The registration will be send at the

Payment information:
Asociaţia de Psihoterapii Cognitive şi Comportamentale din România
Str. Kogalniceanu, Nr. 1, Cluj - Napoca
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Data: 17 Mai 2013
Locatie: Cluj-Napoca
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